Save 5% when you bundle JUNE 13TH'S Anita Jeram Stamps & Dies (ALL 15 Items)
AJ462 Anita Jeram~Happily Ever After 6 x 8 Clear Stamps $26.99
AJ463-D Anita Jeram~Happily Ever After Dies $23.50
AJ464 Anita Jeram~Anniversary Mini 2 x 3 Clear Stamps $4.50
AJ465-D Anita Jeram~Anniversary Mini Dies $4.99
AJ493 Anita Jeram~Recharge 4 x 6 Clear Stamps $15.99
AJ494-D Anita Jeram~Recharge Dies $21.00
AJ495 Anita Jeram~Play Time 4 x 6 Clear Stamps $15.99
AJ497 Anita Jeram~Kindness First 3 x 4 Clear Stamps $7.99
AJ498-D Anita Jeram~Kindness First Dies $13.50
AJ499 Anita Jeram~Spoonful Of Sugar 3 x 4 Clear Stamps $7.99
AJ500-D Anita Jeram~Spoonful Of Sugar Dies $8.00
AJ501 Anita Jeram~A Fox's Life 4 x 6 Clear Stamps $15.99
AJ502-D Anita Jeram~A Fox's Life Dies $25.50
AJ503 Anita Jeram~Art Is 4 x 6 Clear Stamps $15.99
AJ504-D Anita Jeram~Art Is Dies $24.00

DOES NOT INCLUDE Sundae Funday stamps and dies.
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Anita Jeram JUNE Complete Bundle

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