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Christmas In July Release

Hello all 3C'ers!!

Are you as excited as we are for Christmas In July?? Now is the time to get all your handmade cards started!

Christmas In July isn't celebrated all around the world but it's a pretty big deal here in the USA. It was first celebrated in July, 1933 at a summer camp in North Carolina and later a movie by the same name was produced in 1940.

Today's meaning like many holidays has become somewhat of a retail holiday. But, with cardmaking it's the perfect incentive to get your Christmas cards planned out and started early.

We're so excited that Kristina Werner is sharing this reveal and she's showing lots of ideas to get you going in the right direction! Kristina has created 3 cards from 3 different mediums and varying skill levels, such a great instructor! Be sure to watch her video!

We are also doing a giveaway and Kristina will tell you how you can enter on her blog & video.

Visit Kristina's blog HERE

Visit Kristina's Instagram HERE

Watch Kristina's Video HERE

First up, we have two new Big & Bold Santa stamp sets. The first is a 4 x 8 slimline image that can take up the whole card and is designed to make coloring a snap. The second is a 6 x 6 stamp set of Santa delivering presents to a family on Christmas Eve and he got caught by a special boy or girl.

Below we've added a 6 x 6 Savvy Sentiments set with great meaningful messages that can stand alone on a card as well as with our other images.

Next up are 5 stamp sets with matching dies of our beloved Anita's line...all so very precious! This stamp set and the one after it are 4 x 6.

Merry Christmas in July!!!


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