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June 3rd Release

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

OMG our new release is BEEEEautiful!! Amy just rocked it this month with these new designs.

You MUST check out Kristina Werner's card and video as well as Sandy Allnock's cards and video. They just rocked the Bee stamps!

ALSO, Kristina Werner has a GIVEAWAY going on at her blog (you have to watch the video for the details) so be sure to go there and try to win some CCC sets!

Kristina Werner~

Sandy Allnock for Ellen Hutson~

Belle and I have been shipping out your orders all day. We can't wait to see what you do with these amazing new sets. :)

~ Adrienne :)

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1 коментар

08 черв. 2020 р.

Awesome release! I love the giant bee!

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